BothAnd equips lead pastors and their teams to lead vibrant Spirit-led communities that embrace the moving of God and also steward it well by valuing structure, systems, and assimilation.


As a BothAnd Network member, you and your team will receive access to our staff and resources as well as webinars, blogs, sermon notes, and much  more. Our goal is to show your team how to embrace both Spirit and structure.

Letter From the Founder


I am very excited to see the BothAnd Network launched and to be able to partner with pastors and churches all over the world to accomplish the purpose of Following Jesus and Fulfilling His Mission. The intent of the network is to create a global community that would not only minister to the needs of pastors, but also provide connection, support, resources, and quality relationships.


My hope for you and for everyone in the network, is that you stay encouraged, and that we learn from and strengthen each other. These are exciting times to be in ministry and this network is designed to be a resource for you. Please use all of our resources to help you and feel free to connect with my staff at The Church Movement. We are here to serve you in any way that we can.


Expanding God’s Kingdom,

Benny Perez, Founding Pastor

The BothAnd Network



Be coached on how to have a Spirit-led Church that is relevant to your city.


Utilize structure-based resources to equip you and your team to reach and grow.


Gather in community and develop relationships with like-minded pastors across the world.

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  • Online Coaching Sessions
    • Access to our staff and training through online coaching sessions.


  • Access to BothAnd Resource Site
    • Sermon Series kits including sermon notes, graphics, countdowns, and videos.
    • Conference Messages and App sessions (Supernatural, Call Her, Marriage, and Dedicated Conferences).
    • Kids Team and Youth Team Curriculum and Sermon Series
    • Groups Training and Resources


  • Optional Consulting Services
    • Bring a member of the BothAnd team to evaluate your church on the weekends. Your church pays the expenses, our church provides valuable and honest feedback.